Spotlight with Olympia Resol, Nurse Entrepreneur

Olympia Resol, RN, MPH, CRNI, CARN  is the Founder and Educational Director of  Educate Simplify ™ dba: Creativeresol-ve Healthcare Education Company. It is a private company based in Los Angeles providing onsite and online health & wellness seminars, basic CPR certification training to the general public and advance resuscitation certification training for health providers.

Olympia Resol, Nurse Entrepreneur

As the educational director, she is responsible for strategic planning to meet educational and training needs of diverse populations the company serves ranging from immigrant laborers, geriatric caregivers, people in addiction recovery and their consistent flow of licensed medical, nursing and allied health professionals and students. 

Ms. Resol is a master’s-prepared registered nurse with over 15 years of extensive clinical and community health experience with specialties in addiction science, emergency medicine and public health.  In 2005, she obtained her BSN degree at California State University in Los Angeles and in in 2010, she got her Master in Public Health degree at UC Los Angeles.

The Association of California Nurse Leaders [ACNL] recognized her with an award for Entrepreneurship in 2007.

She developed a copyrighted health educational model for providers with ethnic backgrounds to disperse health information to population with the same ethnic origins in 2005. In her student heydays, she was active as a Community Service Coordinator for the Student Nurses Association and eventually, won for her the the California Nurses Student Association Community Health Project Award .

When asked about the best thing about being a nurse entrepreneur? Olympia frankly said, " the freedom of schedule and the opportunity to work with whoever I want""

When asked about her greatest challenges: 

""The daily grind to push myself to learn new things that will be beneficial to the company as a whole i.e. recruiting investors to be part of my team""