Research Institute for Ageing and Health Launched in Cebu

Cebu Normal University has announced the launch of an interdisciplinary institute in Cebu dedicated to the study of ageing and related health issues last 16 June 2017

Under a new strategic thrust of the university, the establishment of the Research Institute for Ageing and Health leverages on the research strength of its doctoral nursing program that focuses on gerontological nursing. 

The last 10 years  in the Philippines has seen dramatic advances in the numbers of people living into old age, with the majority of this increase resulting from better public health. 

However, this very fact Filipinos are living longer has increased the numbers of elderly patients suffering with chronic age-onset diseases, often with multiple co-morbidities. Therefore, if the one of the greatest successes of public health in the last decade was adding years to the Filipino lives, the next challenge is to make those added years healthy. 

The institute will certainly be an important player in the research community in advancing gerontological issues in the country and the Southeast Asian region.

The inaugural head of the research institute is Laurence Garcia, RN, DSN.  Dr. Garcia is formerly the dean of the university's college of nursing.