Continuing the Nursing Legacy in Australia

When we thought about organizing the International Nursing Symposium, we also took note of the opportunity to continue a legacy started by a colleague for the nursing profession and for the Filipino nursing in particular.


Almost 30 years ago, one Filipino nurse started her journey as a nurse in Australia at a time when discrimination was probably at its defining time in the workplace. 

We looked at important factors when we judged that legacy: • Sustained achievement of the highest distinction (rose as first Filipino nurse head of school of nursing in an Australian university and was visible figure in the academic nursing leaders' circle) • Expectation of continuing contribution at that level (upon resigning she continues to serve in her capacity as an Australian Catholic University (ACU) Honorary Fellow, a visiting professor of Cebu Doctors University and recipient of a long-term Balik Scientist program of the Department of Science and Technology) • The ability to influence, stimulate and inspire others (her recognition and awards including memberships to Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Nu Delta, Australian College of Nursing, Joanna Briggs Institute, both here in Australia and the Philippines set a standard of performance achievement. She also continue to get involved in nursing projects in the Philippines) Judging from the above criteria, what she did has paved the way in building a legacy for Filipino nurses in Australia and possibly, in the Oceania region. Therefore, we have decided that we will continue the legacy that she started. It is therefore fitting that the keynote speakership will be named after her. At this symposium, we will be launching the inaugural Dr. Ma. Cynthia "Cindy" Leigh Keynote Speaker. 

Our next step to continue building the legacy of Filipino nursing in Australia and beyond. Let us give a round of applause to Dr Cindy.